Custom Wigs & Services

* custom wigs with hair included are currently unavailable*

*Custom Unit orders are only accepted the first 7 days of each month. (Ex. Jan 1st - Jan 7th, Feb 1st- Feb 7th, etc.) Please plan accordingly, after the 7th of the each month, Custom Units will be marked as sold out until the 1st of the next month!*

Custom Units are custom machine made wigs perfectly tailored to your specific measurements with bundles & a closure/frontal. 

All Custom Units are made to order and come with:
✨Bleached Knots for Scalp Effect
✨Machine construction for durability & longevity
✨Wash and Deep Condition
✨Natural Hairline & Part Definition
✨Baby hairs (optional)
✨Styling of your choice
Adjustable elastic band

*please read full product description for details*

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