Custom Wig Construction

*Custom Wig orders are only accepted the first 3 days of each month or until order capacity for the month is reached. (Ex. Jan 1st - Jan 3rd, Feb 1st- Feb 3rd, etc.) Please plan accordingly, after the 3rd of the each month, Custom Wigs will be marked as sold out until the 1st of the next month! 

Orders will no longer be taken on the 1-7 of the month as done in the previous months.*

Custom Units are custom machine made wigs perfectly tailored to your specific measurements with bundles & a closure/frontal. 

All Custom Units are made to order and come with:
✨Bleached Knots for Scalp Effect
✨Machine construction for durability & longevity
✨Wash and Deep Condition
✨Natural Hairline & Part Definition
✨Baby hairs (optional)
✨Styling of your choice
Adjustable elastic band

Closure Units are perfect for beginners and great for everyday wear. They require no adhesive and minimal maintenance. Frontal Units cover the entire hair line and provide endless versatility. Gel/adhesive may be needed. Frontals are very high maintenance and NOT recommended for beginners.

*please read full product description for details*

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